sunnyboys-2013The first of a series of what will hopefully be a series of archival editions hits the streets in March with the re-release of the Sunnyboys’ 1981 debut album in dramatically expanded form.

Recorded in and around a hectic live schedule in May-July and released in October’81, “Sunnyboys” is a stone classic. Featuring the radio staple “Alone With You” and the top 10 debut single “Happy Man”, the album has chalked up around sales of 100,000 copies.

“Sunnyboys” features in most top 100 Australian albums and accurately captured the energetic feel of the band live.

The 21st Century reissue by Warners features 12 original album tracks remastered, later B sides “Stop & Think”, “Guts Of Iron” and “Physical Jerk” (recorded at the same session) plus live tracks “Thrill” and “Why Do I Cry?” (from the cassingle release of “Happy Man”.

The gem at the heart of the re-release is a 17-song demo session recorded at Studios 301 in January 1981 said to be “a fantastic first take trawl through many of the album classics, rare and previously unheard material and later day album tracks”.

"The old demos were our first foray into a big studio,” said Sunnyboys guitarist Richard Burgman. “We bashed 'em out just like we played them live. They sound really good!

“In some ways they're closer to how the songs sounded to me than the versions we did later for the first album. There's a strength and surety to them that comes from just playing them straight up, with no special effects, or extra instruments.

“In that situation you don't have time to think. You just play. That's why they sound so good. I am so glad we still have them."

The Sunnyboys eponymous debut album follows the new Sunnyboys collection ‘Our Best of’, that was released in December, and coincides with the band’s first full tour since reforming nearly two years ago and which is all but completely sold-out.

“Sunnyboys” Deluxe Edition CD and digital download will be released March 14th.