too far gone lgThe fifth and final chapter of the Hard-Ons re-issues of all their pre-sabbatical releases on Citadel Records is upon us and it’s a bumper crop.

1992’s “Too Far Gone” was the last Hard-Ons record before they broke up (temporarily) in ’93 and remains one of their most off-the-wall and adventurous offerings.

In the spirit of previous re-issues, Citadel is packaging it as a two-CD set with a whopping 53 tracks.

The original 14-track album is complemented by outtakes, live cuts and demo’s in a six-panel fold-out wallet.  

We could go on at length but can’t do better than the media release (Click MORE):

“Quite simply, ‘Too Far Gone’ is the hell-spawn of an unorthodox and often misunderstood band going down swinging. ‘Too Far Gone’ is the glorious warts-and-all end result of these magnificent bastards waving their privates in the face of the oncoming alternate-rock apocalypse, an apocalypse in which every flannel shirt wearing untalented gaggle ended up getting put on a post-Nirvana pedestal, armed with Russian made fuzz pedals and zero originality.

"Playing in a band became a career of choice, and The Hard-Ons decided to get out through the left door before it got too ugly.”

Makes sense to us. Buy it here.