badass mother fuzzersBadass Mother Fuzzers (BMF hereafter) is a trio from the French city of Toulouse, the name of which always brings to mind a famous Johnny Thunders throwaway line about being “born too loose”.

Musically, BMF is a much different kettle of fish but it’s a fair bet they’d appreciate the play on words being applied to their place-of-origin. They sound like they’ve been trying to corrupt Toulouse for years. “Heartbreaker” is more Hip Priests or Zeke than “Live At The Speakeasy”, but the intention is the same: Hit ‘em hard and hit ‘em again.

This is the ball-out, rip-out-your-throat version of punk, rock and roll that a phalanx of bands have been peddling for god knows how long. Eurotrash: It can be a bit “samey”, but when it’s on the money, it clears your sinuses like an economy-sized vat of smelling salts.

Two-thirds of BMF hails from another band named Los Jamones (“The Hams” - allegedly a Ramones tribute act) and I’m betting it’s the engine room because they’re as tight as a Scotsman’s grip on his wallet when it’s his turn to buy a round. Lo Spider (Jerry Spider Gang) produced “Heartbreaker” and has brought guitarist Mick’s fuzzy tones to the fore, although there could have been a bit more bottom end.

“Heartbreaker” is a dozen high-energy tunes with not a note wasted. The Fuzzers sound like a band that’s done some hard yards on the road and, in fact, a quick search will show that they have a US tour under their belt. Not sure how extensive that would be in these frugal times for rock and roll but much respect for that, anyway.

“Heartbreaker” is a manic dash through Riff City with the windows wound right down. Song after song is spat out, Ramones fashion - and some of them even stick. The title track’s one, with its mean guitar figure, pliable bass run and neck-jolting, stop-start structure. It can all be a bit blurry and there’s a clue in a track listing that has “Well Well Well” and “Hey Hey Hey” back-to-back. BMF have a simple formula that repeats itself.

Be warned: “Feel Alright” and “Glad To See You Go” are NOT covers and each hums with valve-amp goodness. “Glad to See You…” is one of the best cuts. “Shoot Me Down” is another knee-shaker that's over-flowing with fuzz, while the mid-paced “The Other Side” is the song closest to a ’60s garage feel - or a pause for breath - that you'll find on "Heartbreaker". 

It's released by French label Pitshark who deal in all sorts of excellent stuff so don’t say you can’t find it.


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