howlin threadsHowlin’ Threads - Howlin’ Threads (Meinshaft Records) 

The ability of rock and roll bands to shed limbs that regenerate themselves is a thing of eternal wonder. From the The Undermines, out of Canberra - and many years prior, The Fools, from Newcastle - spring Howlin’ Threads, a no-nonsense guitar band from the Wollongong and Canberra regions, packing a self-titled debut EP.

These “Howlin’ Threads” are yet to play a show - they were supposed to debut in June in Wollongong before The ‘Rona had other ideas - but clearly have their shit together in the studio. Their music ticks boxes familiar to any I-94 Bar patron. It’s flashing back to high-energy Sydney, circa the late ‘80s with nods to all the usual suspects, but a notch above the imitators that abounded back then.

“Sky’s Falling Down” is the pick of the five tunes with a cast-iron melody at its heart and keyboards that reek (in the nicest possible way) of The Visitors, courtesy of guest Mark Hunstone. Guitarist-singer Dylan Webster does a nice line in doom-laden vocals and bandmates Matt Houston (bass) and Adam Bowler (drums) lock in behind, laying low on the harmony vocals front. 

“Superstar” has another pervading melody line and some scorched earth guitar. “River and the Sea” is a bracing opener. The dour “Sometimes’” rides into town on the back of a tough Houston bass-line. “Body Movin’” is little more upbeat and would have been right at home on US college radio - or early ‘90s Triple Jay before it sucked. 

At no stage does Howlin’ Threads fall far from the tree but don’t let that stop you chowing down on this apple. A visit to Bandcamp will ensure you get a a copy.