the barracudas

  • i am timeI Am Time - Jeremy Gluck (Glass Modern)

    This is one of the few times I cannot quantify a musical release. I cannot answer the question: “How many bottles?”

    Really? For this? No, you may as well say “I Am Time” is as high as that thing over there, or as round as it is long. 

    “I Am Time” is a rather startling career overview of the tempting output of one Jeremy Gluck - and, yes, we're all aware of the sniggerment possibilities of Jeremy's surname, so if you quit cackling at the back there we might be able to get to the meat of the matter at hand.

  • drop out barracudas cvrDrop Out With The Barracudas Deluxe Edition – Barracudas (Lemon Records)

    Increasingly, the recording companies attempt to milk the last of the boomer dollars before retirement homes steal the last of our bank accounts.  They’ve already worked out that there's bugger all money in new recordings.  Even dependable old cash cows like KISS and The Who have made public statements to that end.

    So record companies have learnt to spew out deluxe editions of the familiar, the obscure and the criminally ignored.  And, if someone is going to put out a multi disc collection of every taped concert on Sunset Strip, well oops.  My finger slipped on the buy button before I read about the goddamn postage.

  • Garage-surf kings from the '80s, The Barracudas, reconvened for a show at the Finsbury in North London last weekend. Here’s some footage of "We're Living In Violent Times":